Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sneak Peek #1

She crept silently into the building and found that man unconscious. She shook his body slowly, trying to wake him up and her eyes widened.
The man wasn’t breathing. 
She took a few steps backward and her mouth parted to scream. 
“Keep quiet or you’re going to attract their attention.” a masculine voice whispered into her ear before she could scream. Her mouth was covered with his strong hand. And his other hand encircled her waist, preventing her from moving around. 
She nodded frantically. Her brain started to figure out what she could do next to defend herself.
I'm taking a quick break to write something. I need to write something once in a while or my writing skills could go rustic :D This isn't any of my in-progress fanfiction. This is something new. Uncompleted fiction. I'm not sure if it will ever be publish though... 


  1. An original fiction? Not fan fiction? Wow!

    1. Or I could always change the characters name and turn them into a fanfiction? :D

    2. You could give original fiction a go? If you want, you can always publish it at fictionpress or wattpad for reviews. :)

    3. Maybe I should? I'll see how it goes first. And maybe I should finish my other fan fiction first?

    4. Work at your own pace, whichever way you are comfortable with. :) I'll be doing both after exams and it will be a challenge. ^^"

    5. Where will you publish your story?

    6. I am thinking of *ahem* publishing it as a book *ahem* so there's a high chance that I won't be publishing online. So I'll be writing the full manuscript and go through the editing process for the book. I'll see how it goes though. :D

      But if you are thinking of posting online, Wattpad is a great choice since people can categorize your story under a genre and people can vote and comment as well. So there's sort of a ranking of popularity there.

    7. Oh!! That project you talked about before. How did it go? I'm thinking of writing a book. But I'm not confidence with it. Haha... Maybe I should turn my fiction to a book first?

    8. I'm only 1k words and I'm stuck with revision. It'll take some time.

      You don't have to worry about the story turning out bad. Just write what you want and then edit, edit and more edits. There's no way it's going to turn out to be a perfect book on the first try. :) You can get book critique to look at your book, find beta readers and editors and you will be on your way to your first book.

      And fan fiction into a book? Have to take note of legal issues. I only know Chette-chan has published a CCS book. Heck, I even bought it! (shipping is very ex though..) But legal issues wise I am not to sure if we are allowed to do that. :)

    9. Are you going to self publish then?

      I don't mean a fan fiction straight into a book. I probably change the characters name and a bit of this and that. A rewrite version maybe?

    10. Yeap. Will self publish it. I'm excited about seeing my own story in a book even if I'm the only person buying it. :D

      And yes! I think it is a good idea to transform fan fic to original since you have already received some form of feedback from reviewers. You just have to do some edits and maybe add some new scenes in it! Was thinking of remaking BMV in the future too.. You can also do so for Love Song!

    11. Please tell me if you publish your book. I'd like to buy one as well :)

      I think BMV have potentials! Love song could turn into original. A lot of editing needs to be done since I've noticed a lot of flaws in that story. Then, there were changes in style after my long hiatus... haha...

    12. The same goes to mine. But it will be easier to work on since the manuscript is out (though there's a need to change character names). :) BMV will be in the future. So I'm not sure when it'll be out. I'll let you know. Let me know about Love Song or any other books you plan to publish. I'm interested as well. <3