Friday, May 4, 2012

Mitsui Aika's Graduation

It was announced today that Mitsui Aika would be graduating alongside with Niigaki Risa on 18 May due to the stress fracture on her left anklebone. Although she seemed to recover from her stress, the doctor said that the problem might happen again. This is why Aika decided to graduate. And the management decided to have her graduated as soon as possible (for her health). But Aika is planning to continue her activities within the Hello! Project

This is a rather sudden and shocking news! I'm sure that no one was expecting that Aika would be graduating this soon. But I understand that this is for her health. So I wish her good luck. I will miss her rapping (Aika is the best rapper in Morning Musume after Risa. And they both are graduating!) and her gentle smile.

This is my favorite song from Aika. Haru Beautiful Everyday with Kamei Eri from their Sexy 8 Beat concert.Mitsui Aika, please do your best from now on.


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