Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mitsui & Niigaki graduation!

So... Mitsui and Niigaki finally graduated from Morning Musume (and H!P for Niigaki) last Friday. I still can't believe that they both graduated!

I'm not much of a fan for Mitsui. I think she get into Morning Musume during my time in college. I spent lots of time without internet connection. My fandom to Morning Musume paused after Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii jan「Ambitious!野心的でいいじゃん」and resumed with Kimagure Princess「気まぐれプリンセス」. That's why I'm not much familiar with Mitsui.

But Niigaki... I was such a fan! I really like her smile ever since she got into Morning Musume. I watched her grow up and listening to her voice... She became a really beautiful girl! It was hard to see her graduated from Morning Musume. 

I wish both girl the best! I hope that Mitsui's condition will improve, and that they both will follow their dream.

Now, what did I learned from Mitsui's and Niigaki's graduation?
  1. Michishige Sayumi is the new leader!!
  2. There will be the  Morning Musume 11th generation audition which is called Suppin Utahime 『スッピン歌姫』
I'm really excited to see where will Morning Musume go. I hope that they will rise to the top once again!

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