Monday, April 9, 2012

Song Inspired Fiction: Piano

Last time I've talked about my first one shot fanfiction, Time Capsule.

The second one shot was Piano, with Eriol and Tomoyo as the lead. I wrote Piano because a friend (my seatmate) challenged me to write a short story.

I spend the whole night writing Piano. It was written with pen and papers.

Now that I think about it. How did I managed to write 4000++ words in one night?

Piano was inspired from a six songs:  Never Ever by All Saint, Blame it on the weatherman by B*witched, I wanna be with you by Mandy Moore, Yoru no uta by Iwao Junko, Too lost on you  by Sugababes, and lastly, Before I fall in love by Coco Lee.

I like Piano as compared to Time Capsule. But reading them makes me realize how immature I was back than. Story lines, grammar and dialogues makes me realize how bad I was (My grammar still sucks).

Maybe I haven't really grow up?

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