Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New CDs

I received these today! Morning Musume's latest single, Renai Hunter and CheNelle's Luv Song.

I'm really happy and excited! I bought Renai Hunter [Limited Edition / Type E / Risa Niigaki Sotsugyo Kinen Ban]! The last single from Niigaki before she graduate from Morning Musume.

I actually pre-ordered the single in February. Much earlier before I heard the preview of the single! I'm glad that the song is amazing!

And there's Niigaki's cover of Egao ni Namida - Thank You! Dear My Friends - as bonus track. Niigaki sounds really good! I really like her voice! I'm going to miss her a lot when she graduate. (;_・)




モーニング娘の恋愛ハンターとCheNelleのLuv Song。


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