Thursday, April 19, 2012

#2 Zetsuboushita!


I had this conversation with a few friends a couple times.

You see, I write fanfiction in There were several times when my readers would review and left me messages on my grammatical mistakes. 

like this...

or this...

I told my friends how I feel about my English level when my current beta approached me and volunteered to be my beta.

And this is how they reacted:

A: Why would they say that? Is their grammar really that good? Well... just ignore them. I think your English is pretty good.
B: Ignore them. As long as it (your English) sounds good (when you speak them). It's okay.
C: Let's register for English class! (When I told this to my mom, she said: Why would you want to study English? Practice more on speaking. You'll improve.) 

They're missing the point. I was really devastated  knowing that I haven't improve much in this matter. It's sad... Especially when you knew that your beta (or editor) is a lot more younger than you.


My only regret is that I don't pay much attention in English class... (TεT;)


  1. Ah... I have the same problem too and English is the first language in my country. But don't worry, you've tried your best. Practicing good grammar will take time so don't be discouraged. Right now, I'm even reading grammar books too. In my opinion, you are doing great already so don't let those fanfic review affect you! (Oh yea and attending classes is expensive!)

    1. The dilemma we faced as non native speaker :)
      I'm not really discouraged. I'm encouraged to improve them. Although, the progress is a bit slow. Haha...

      Thank you :)

    2. Even though English is the first language, I usually speak Mandarin (my Mother Tongue). So, we face the same problem. Slow progress is better than no progress. Good luck! :)