Saturday, June 30, 2012

Insanity and Beyond~

It has been a while since I post anything from here...


Anyway... I’ve been trying to read fewer books and concentrate more on writing. As the result, I now have 5 on-going fictions in

I posted my new fiction called Worth Fighting For last week, trying to turn How I Ended Up In Therapy as a chaptered story and trying to write another romance/comedy fiction.

Yeah, I’m insane.

I thought that I shouldn’t stop myself if the ideas are pouring out.

But I probably going to hold the idea of posting another story since I’m going to be AFK in July to November a lot!!


  1. Oh My Gosh! I really need to read them! I haven't been to FF.Net to read for quite some time. T_T But it's really good that you are writing a lot! <3

    1. Please tell me what you think when you read them:D
      I'm trying to force myself to write a lot since I've been neglecting them to prepare for the wedding... I think I'm getting slower. Haha...