Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!!!

Oh hey, my last post was in 2016, huh? It looks like this blog has been abandoned for so long! LOL It looks like I need to clean up this blog too. 

Anyway, I thought about it... aside from my dad, my brothers are no longer active in blogging. This is a sign that I can start writing some random things, right? 

Last year, I finally finished writing the fanfiction I've been working on since 2012!!! I thought about starting another one. I have a few drafts ready. But then, decided against it.

I wanted to write an original. It feels like I will have a lot more freedom since I didn't have to follow the character too much. But it's also scary. Because I'm writing on original characters, I didn't know them well. It might be hard to write about them later on.

I am actually working on a few stories right now. In this one story, the lead kept changing her characteristic, it drove me insane. LOL I might have to get away from that one for a while.

I'm thinking of posting my work on webnovel just to see what people outside my fandom thinks about my writing. Also, I wanted to know what is it about webnovel. It looks hard, but I'll do my best?!

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