Friday, February 7, 2014

More updates

So... Here's the same old excuse for not writing/posting anything on this blog: busyness (and laziness?) I can’t believe I’ve been abandoning my fanfiction for almost 6 months. And I’ve got a few more book reviews to write and post on my blog.

According to my last entry in September 24, 2013, I have been busy babysitting my niece that I haven’t had time to write. And then, in October, I was getting busier with transcribing work, cupcakes baking and babysitting. I think I am almost gone crazy when I didn’t get enough sleep and all that. But looking back, it was fun.

Recently I’ve been posting a new chapter for WWF, a CCS fanfiction. It was hard to write again after abandoning writing for so long. I need to start writing again. Even when there’s no one reading whatever it is that I write. Ha-ha..

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