Monday, February 11, 2013

Job Interview!

I went to an interview recently for a job as a lecturer. A culinary lecturer.

So I sat there in the waiting room, waiting for my turn to be interviewed and started to freak out about everything. I never really wanted to be a lecturer, you see. I'm not really good with teaching. I don't think I have the patience to teach. I could get mad whenever someone ask me anything. Haha...

In the end, I told my interviewers that I can teach even though my head was screaming 'what are you trying to do? You can't teach! Or lecture!' or something like it. My interviewers asked me to come again to demonstrate my skills to cut chicken and fillet some fish. I panicked. I must admit that I'm not really good with filleting or cutting chicken. But I told my interviewers that I will come again for that demonstration. I thought I could train for a couple of days for that demonstration.

I was quite glad actually when they didn't call me again for the demonstration (they did said that I'm a bit too young to teach someone about my age). Because I didn't practice at all. And I never really wanted to be a lecturer. It was fun to go in an interview once in a while though... 

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